Now is the time for action, we have a movement to build. End Northside Racism wants you to be a part of the change our city needs. That means participating in our 10 Days Of Action initiatives beginning Tomorrow - November 4th. Regardless of the final outcome of the election, Chicago still needs reform. We know we can count on our neighbors to make that happen. Black and Brown people have suffered long enough at the hands of CPD and we hope that you will consider being a positive force in the change we so desperately need.

These actions are designed to allow participation in whatever way works best for you. Whether you're willing to be on the front lines, or need to stay indoors, we have something for everyone. The culmination of these action days will conclude with one large demonstration taking place on November 14th. This will include a march and candlelight vigil to demand support for CPAC and honor victims of police brutality. 

Our demands and goals for these action items are as follows: 

I. The immediate passage of CPAC (the Civilian Police Accountability Council)

II. End qualified immunity

III. The immediate removal of all CPD from CPS

IV. The defunding of the police by 75%

V. The reinvestment of funds in community organizations & resources which truly serve the public safety interest (healthcare, mental health, housing)

We hope we can count on our amazing supporters and we can't wait to see everyone out there! 

Day 1 - November 5th

Your voice matters! 

Email both Tom Tunney (44th ward)

& Michele Smith (43rd ward) to demand support for CPAC 

Tom Tunney, ward44@cityofchicago.org 

Michele Smith, Yourvoice@ward43.org 

Find a sample script at bit.ly/endnorthsideracism 

Day 2 - November 6th

 Drop off a list of demands at both 

Tom Tunney (44th ward) & Michele Smith's (43rd ward) offices 

Tom Tunney - 3223 North Sheffield Ave. Chicago, IL 60657

Michele Smith - 2523 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614

Find the list of demands for at home printing at bit.ly/endnorthsideracism, or email us to coordinate a pick up of hard copies endnorthsideracism@gmail.com

Day 3 - November 7th

We know it's hard or even impossible for some people to get out there physically. You can still help! Please consider giving a monetary donation to one of our partner organizations. Click on each organization to take you directly to their donation page. 

Brave Space Alliance (BSA)

Black Abolitionist Network (BAN) 

Chicago Torture Justice Center 

If you would like to learn more about each organization, please visit bit.ly/endnorthsideracism 

Day 4 - November 8th 

Sign up for tabling & ribbon tying at alderpeople offices. Come out to help hand out materials on CPAC and Defund CPD - or come out to visit us at Belmont and Sheffield! Hand out ribbons to be tied around Tunney's office to show him Lakeview cares about change! 

Sign up sheet at bit.ly/endnorthsideracism 

Day 5 - November 9th

It's been an exhausting week...take a day off, recharge, and check in on your circle.

Practice self care today! It's just as important as taking action 

Day 6 - November 10th 

 Your voice matters! 

Call both Tom Tunney (44th ward) & Michele Smith (43rd ward)

to demand support for CPAC 

Tom Tunney, 773.525.6034

Michele Smith, 773.348.9500

Find a sample script at bit.ly/endnorthsideracism

Day 7 - November 11th

Register for a virtual training hosted by Black Abolitionist Network (BAN)

Defund CPD Resistance Training: Why Defund the Police & How to Get Involved 

Learn more about what it means to defund CPD and how our tax dollars can better serve us! 

Wednesday, November 11th, 6-9pm 

See details & register here: bit.ly/defundcpd1111

Day 8 - November 12th

Spread the word about our main event - March & Candlelight Vigil on

Saturday, Nov 14th @ 4pm! 

Get out into the streets to hang flyers, follow us & share our post

on social media. And tell 3 friends about our Rally & March! 

To print flyers at home, visit bit.ly/endnorthsideracism, or email us to coordinate a

pick up of hard copies (endnorthsideracism@gmail.com) 

Day 9 - November 13th

Eat in tonight from one of these black owned restaurants

Day 10 - November 14th 

Join us for our main event! Rally & March with Candlelight Vigil

Meet at Lakeview Lutheran Church (835 W Addison) at 4pm to

hear from some great speakers and performers

We will be collecting new or gently used coats for Brave Space Alliance

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