To educate Chicago’s northside residents on the City’s racist law enforcement and carceral systems and to mobilize the northside’s primarily white and affluent residents to both demand these systems be dismantled and to support BIPOC and trans led organizations fighting for the Black liberation



1) To educate Chicago’s Northside residents about the racist legacy of Chicago’s law enforcement and carceral systems, including the Chicago Police Department, the prosecutor’s office, and the department of corrections.  

2) To activate the city’s Northside residents to advocate for the systemic change that their black and brown neighbors, especially those located in the marginalized South and West sides, so desperately need in order to be free of state sanctioned oppression, violence, and environmental injustice in their communities. 

3) To mobilize northside residents to demand their elected representatives support the following efforts to dismantle the law enforcement systems of today in favor of organizations that actually serve the public safety interest:

     a) Community control of the police through the creation of an independently elected police oversight body, such as the model proposed through the CPAC (the “Civilian Police Accountability Council”) ordinance.

     b) The immediate removal of all cops from schools permanently.

     c) The defunding of the police and carceral systems.

     d) The re-investment of funds in community organizations and resources which truly serve the public safety interest, including but not limited to affordable housing, publicly owned physical and mental healthcare, initiatives including treatment not trauma, community led violence prevention programs, and employment resources.

4) To develop a member base which is dedicated to fighting for systemic change by supporting BIPOC and trans led organizations which have been and continue to organize around and advocate for black liberation. Such organizations include:

     a) The Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression (CAARPR)

     b) Black Abolitionist Network (BAN)

     c) Treatment Not Trauma (TNT)



We're so thankful for those of you who have been with us from the beginning. If you're new, welcome! Please consider following us on social to get to know us better and stay up to date on everything we're up to


While we appreciate any support, we believe in order to facilitate real change, it's important to encourage participation and hold our members accountable for getting involved. Here are a few examples of what we would love to see from our members: 

General Members:

        1) Two action items per month

        2) Four education items per year

Committee Members:

       1) Consistent attendance at committee meetings

       2) Execute work as needed

       3) Three action items per month

       4) Four education items per year 


       1) Active involvement in leading committees

       2) Four action items per month

       3) Five education items per year -  at least one focusing              specifically on community organizing

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