Actions From Home

1) Sign two petitions, or email / send letter to two alderpeople about an initiative (CPAC, Treatment not Trauma etc.)

2) Call alderperson about CPAC or other initiative

3) Phone banking or text banking for CPAC or other initiative

4) Donate to an affiliated organization 

5) Attend online event

6) Recruit others to join the fight for CPAC, Defund CPD, or other affiliated initiative

7) Attend a city council meeting or other official government meeting and fill in the group on what's going on

8) Volunteer with another organization that needs help with an initiative ENR is working on (i.e. CAARPR is always looking for help with policy research, Brave Space Alliance needs drivers to transport donated goods etc.)

Other ideas? Let us know your thoughts! 


In Person Actions

1) Attend an in-person event organizations we support (i.e. Sundays at CCJ included)
2) Volunteer with a mutual aid organization (soup kitchens, food banks, handing out compassion bags, etc.)
3) Help table for relevant initiatives around the city (i.e. CPAC, Defund CPD) 
4) Participate in community art projects
5) Volunteer with a partner organization in need (i.e. CAARPR is always looking for help with policy research, Brave Space Alliance needs drivers to transport donated goods etc.)


Education / Training Opportunities

1) Attend a CAARPR meeting or training

2) Attend a BAN training

3) Attend DSA socialist night school

4) Join a partner abolitionist or socialist reading club

5) Delve into books, movies or podcasts that explore topical issues 

         Click here for a list we've already started 

6) Attend ENR biannual meeting


Join a Committee


The advocacy committee takes action by advocating and organizing in support of movements, policies, and candidates for public office that are in line with ENR’s mission to end the systemic and institutional racism plaguing our city and establish a more just, accountable, and equitable Chicago.


The Partnership Committee works to establish and maintain relationships with other Chicago based organizations advocating for civilian police oversight and working to dismantle the systemic racism that continues to oppress the BIPOC citizens of our city. We engage directly with partner organizations to identify opportunities and actions for ENR's support (e.g., petitions, fundraising, demonstrations, education, outreach). Since ENR's founding in the summer of 2020, our committee has connected with numerous organizations such as CAARPR, Black Abolitionist Network, the Chicago Torture Justice Center, and others. If you enjoy coordination, communication, and learning about different organizations throughout Chicago then this is the committee for you!


The Membership Committee is focused on ensuring all members are supported in developing their role within the organization. We coordinate new member orientation and membership. We also help to ensure we are supporting members in building community and developing an anti-racist framework.

Art & Marketing:

The Art and Marketing committee takes action by creating all marketing and social media materials for ENR. Additionally A&M creates art pieces for protests and initiatives around the city. We frequently take on a leading role in organizing and executing protests. If you like marketing, event planning, and making art this is the committee for you!

Ready to join a committee? Send us an email and we'll be in touch with everything you need to know