Our group has decided to create a formal committee structure to ensure we fully capture all areas required to push our goals forward for a better community and city as a whole. The committees are as follows: 

1) Art & Marketing 

2) Alderpeople Outreach 

3) Local Business Outreach 

4) Policy Research 

5) Partnerships 

6) Community Building 

7) Music Director 

While each committee is free and encouraged to build and expand their own ideas based on individual talents and strengths, the following are brief descriptions on the role of each committee: 

Art & Marketing: Identify and drive creative art mediums to center the Black voice and racial justice efforts on the Northside, and most immediately Lakeview and Lincoln Park

Alderpeople Outreach: Coordinate daily outreach to alderpeople to push BLM Chi demands, most notably CPAC, through centralizing/creating standard materials, defining logistics, and managing volunteer base (e.g, hand delivered notes, social media posts)

Local Business Outreach: Maintain a central repository of CPAC and BLM allies in the Northside business community, including contact information, open lobby protocols, and willingness to participate in demonstrations

Policy Research: Write op-eds defending CPAC and other BLM Chicago demands and proactively research current or upcoming local legislation related to racial justice

Partnerships: Identify like minded organizations on the Northside and across the city, maintain a master of upcoming events and initiatives, and escalate opportunities for larger collaboration to the leadership team

Community Building: Grow our community base and empower members to be antiracist. Facilitate opportunities for new member involvement

We are also looking for Project Managers. If you would like to lead or participate in any of these committees, please email us at with your contact information. 



Call and demand Tunney support this initiative immediately: (773) 525-6034

Email him to demand support for CPAC:

Email Mayor Lightfoot and demand she support CPAC:

The alderpeople are starting to use keywords to filter out emails that are sent using a template. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to send an email in your own words. Here is a template to get you started, but again, please re word so they are flooded with unique emails. 

To the Alderman________, my name is ________ and I live at _________. I am writing you pleading for you to support CPAC - the Civilian Police Accountability Council, I am certain I do not have to explain to you the severe relevance and urgent need for your support on the enactment of this ordinance that would create a democratically-elected council to oversee CPD. Black and brown lives literally depend on your help. We only need 7 more alderpeople to support the CPAC in order for it to pass! Please be on the right side of history here. This is one small step towards ending the pandemic of racist police brutality and allowing citizens to hold officers accountable. Your community is demanding that you support CPAC and that you encourage your fellow alderpeople to support it, as well. We are counting on you! Best, __________

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